FA CHAPTER Fascia, Fabrica or Fabric? 2022


Fascia, Fabric, Fabrica – What fascia ‘really’ could be

Here below you may find an edit of the precursor of  a chapter that I wrote in the book Fascia, Function and Medical Application by David Lesondak and Angeli Maun Akey, by CRC press, 2021.  In my research regarding the organization of the substrate of proprioception, the traditional approach of the medical anatomy to describe and analyze the human body as a spatial construct of discrete elements appeared not to be fitted to appreciate the functional organization of that substrate. A transanatomical architectural view on the organization of the connective tissues in the body was needed. When I became acknowledged with fascia research, I recognized the ‘fascia’ as the complementary dimension in so-called Posture and Locomotion Apparatus as being the matrix in which the other components of that apparatus where embedded, in this way providing the necessary architectural context for the guiding of forces and the allowing of movement. When I moreover became acquainted with models and concepts like biotensegrity, I started to recognize and appreciate the ‘fascia’ as the manifestation of the dimension of mesenchyme (and therefore ‘mesoderm’) as the matrix tissue representing no more and no less than the dimension of innerness, the ‘fabric’ of the body.  When David Lesondak, who is very much in favor of my concepts and findings, invited me to summarize my view on fascia in his new book (see above), I was very honored and happy to do so.  This article expresses my final view on fascia as the dimension of our innerness.

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