Johannes B. Schmidt,   Coaching, Supervision and Trauma Therapy ( and author of the book INNER NAVIGATION, wrote me:in January 2006:

Dear Jaap,

I send this email today to just let you know that your seminar and you as the person you are are still with us. … I enjoyed to see you, your struggle, your anger, your enthusiasm and in short, the richness of your personality and also very much the message you brought across in your workshop. The seminar is still very closely with us and the first 3 days afterwards we felt like being in another world. We were and still are very touched and also estranged from the world around us .. I every now and then manage to read a few pages of your book “Dynamik der Morphologie und Entwicklung der menschlichen Gestalt” and I have to say that for me it is essential to have met you before reading this as to understand, feel and resonate with “the flesh on the bones”, which is the way you live what you teach.

For me as a longstanding Psychotherapist with specialization in Constellational Trauma work, body-based Trauma work and Craniosacral Work Jaap van der Wal is one of THE most competent and distinguished presenters in his field that I have met for years. Apart from his wide and most enlightening knowledge base his personality and personal engagement in the issue is a rare and most appealing gift. His lecture changed my view of people and my personal attitude towards the existence of human beings. Jaap van der Wal speaks from a admirable stance of personal experience, academic expertise and compassionate resonance with his audience. His critical mind and heartfelt love for people flavours the anyway relevant issues of his lecture with a compelling immediacy. From my point of view meeting Jaap van der Wal is an indispensable must for every professional trauma-therapist and craniosacral therapist to widen one’s view on the work therapists do and gain an in-depth understanding of the existential situation of us human beings.

Warmly,  Johannes