Mission and Vision


The body developed
out of us,
not we from it.
We are bees,
and our body is a honeycomb.
We made the body,
cell by cell we made it..

RUMI (1207 – 1273)

At the current site a additional and complementary view on the prenatal existence of man is presented. Following a phenomenological approach the embryo is here considered and described as more than just ‘a matter of genes, cells, tissues and hormones’ but as a human being will in genesis, a being of spirit (mind) AND body. On the basis of  regular scientific embryology it is argued here that we are not the product of our body and our cells but that in reverse we (also) are a spiritual being giving shape to its body. Or like the philosopher Rumi expresses it: “The body developed out of us, not we from it. We made our body, cell by cell we made it”.

The vision which is presented here, tries to provide counterweight against the dominating and mostly onesided and reductionistic scientific vision on human existence in general and as to our embryonic existence in particular. And that vision simply is that be are MADE and that we are brought forth by a conception, that we are the product of genes, cells ,tissues and organs, a biomachine which at the end also produces something like mind and consciousness. In the context here owever the idea is presented that it is  not the body that produces mind or soul but that we (also) are spiritual plan that is realizing itself by means of the conditions of the body, genes, cells and brains (thanks to and in despite of). The embryonic existence (and not only that) is an inclination process

The current materialistic embryology usually describes the embryo in the last-named terms. In the debate about issues like What is and what is not allowed in respect to the treatment and manipulation of embryos (e.g. cloning)? ethical and moral attitudes are token based upon this current view

An other view is possible in which the embryo (again) becomes a human being and fellow-man and may give us sight on unexpected dimensions of mind and spirit, creation and evolution. The only equipment you need for that are new ‘spectacles’.

View of the author as to matters like this is that for its future mankind does not need so much new horizons (for example on the enormous dimensions of our genome and DNA) but that we rather need ‘new eyes’. Another view on man and the world in which spirituality and science may find and mutually impregnate each other.

This site puts the human embryo in a ‘new light’, maybe is inconvenient and puts things on their head!

I hope this site may broaden your outlook!

More about the starting points of this so-called “embryosophy”

Jaap van der Wal