AA ARTICLE Conceptie en Embryologie – 2007 NL


The work of embryologist Jaap van der Wal: Conception and Embryo, by Otto van Nieuwenhuijze, editor-in-chief Journal of Integrative Medicine, Yearbook 2007


In the embryo one can “see” what usually eludes the material eye: the principle of health, and the manifestation of life. In the construction of matter it can be seen that the process, the movement is always primary, and only then the form. For example: first there is pulsation, only then does the heart form. Embryology also shows that we cannot explain life from the body, matter. But we can explain the body from life. Our body construction begins from the Zygote, the first manifestation of the human body, mistakenly referred to as the fertilized egg. The first manifestation of our body is a single-cell organism, a kind of “primordial cell. Through cell divisions, our body arises from it. This follows a gradual unfolding, according to a highly ordered pattern: 20 years later, for example, you can recognize in the child the form of the parents. Yet the parents do not reproduce in the child: the child is a completely different and unique being. In terms of a spiritual embryology, this is described as: the soul forms a body and not vice versa.

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