LW YOUTUBE Baby talk. Where love dwells


Jaap has also been for many years board member of the Kinderleven Foundation.

This foundation was set up to support, enable and propagate the work of child psychologist and attachment therapist Paulien Kuipers. It is a knowledge and treatment center on attachment, the relationship formation between parents and child from conception to early childhood. Paulien’s approach is very phenomenological and deals with the language between mother and child in particular. Language that can get disturbed by all kinds of causes and in which you can help parents and child on their way so that it starts flowing again between them. There is so much that blocks and complicates attachment of children in our modern society, there is very important preventive work to be done in this area.
Check out  www.stichtingkinderleven.nl

And also watch this great video of the dialogue between a mother and her very young child. See how seriously she takes this supposedly immature child and how alert and open and happy this little child responds to his/her mother. A celebration of lovingly acknowledging and bonding with each other. A baby (English: infant) is not an infant! It speaks a language. As mother and therapist, you must learn to understand it and make it understood.

Watch Baby talk on You tube Een voorbeeld