AA YOUTUBE Super Sperm – It is our nature to do more …


In my course i try to oppose and destruct the usual image of fertilization a little bit. That a healthy, fast, viril, swimming sperm reaches the egg after a long arduous journey cas teh first one, and next penetrates her and fertilises the egg cell. That usually is certainly not the case. Here is a movie, an add of a former Belgian Money Bank Centea. A beautiful persiflage on the image as displayed above. How it als can be: all work together, he comes in as the last one, invites and … is invited. I think that this is a much more appropriate image of what happens in a human conception.

This animation shows the true face of Superman Sperm if Don Juan.
And is a creation of Maarten Hofman and Katrin Van Eycken of Darwin BBDO.