AA YOUTUBE Myoko Shida Balance, centering and Self


In a human mind there is ‘living’ something like my ‘I am’, ‘My Self’ with Selfconsciousnes or Self-awareness. With the sentient and animal beings we share consciousness and awareness. Self-consciousnes (related to our conscience) is not simply “more of consciousness”. This means that in our soul and being something is living, something we are aware of that so to say is able to comment on itself, to doubt and question itself, (Cogito ergo sum). If something as such is there in our innerness, it is the centre around which everything is organized. Like the axis of the wheel: everything is turning around it but the center itself is a different quality than what turns around it. In this  fantastic video the Japanese woman Myoko Shida Rigolo show us what such a (virtual and spiritual) center could mean. Enjoy the joy of being centered.
On YouTube this performance is described as “incredible act”, “the incredible poewer of concentration” and “the power of mind”.