FA ARTICLE Kontinuität und Konnektivität – Die architektur der Faszie – 2011 DE


Chapter Kontinuität und Konnektivität – die Architektur des Bindegewebes als Ergänzung der Anatomie der Faszien von Jaap van der Wal (Übersetzung: Christl Kiener) im Buch Leitfaden in der Osteopathie von Torsten Liem et al.

About this chapter Torsten Liem the editor says:

Chapter 25.1 is an important contribution to the anatomy and functioning of fasciae. New in the approach is the well-founded request to adjust the description of the anatomy or the dissection of anatomical preparations to the continuity of the tissues. Using the elbow as an example, it is pointed out that until now ligamentous structures have often been named that do not actually represent a tissue form in their own right, but are merely continuations of other tissues – often of fascial tracts.

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