AA ARTICLE Verzet siert de mens – 2013 NL


Resistance adorns man. On the upright stature of the msn. An essay on man as a nest-floating nestling.

From the text; (….)

Already in the second half of the last century, the Swiss biologist Portmann pointed out the special place occupied by the “human child” when compared with the newborns in the group of higher developed mammals that are so close to man in terms of (evolutionary) development. In essence, the human child is still a fetal appearance. Portmann speaks of “the miracle of human physiological preterm birth. Helpless youngsters are not an uncommon phenomenon in the animal world – one speaks of nestlings e.g. cats, birds – but the uniqueness of man is that his “youngsters,” his newborns, are helpless “nestlings” who, however, possess functionally almost mature senses. The latter is precisely a characteristic of the young of so-called “nest-floaters” for at birth they are already almost copies of the adult animal in possession of mature brains and senses, In this sense man occupies an almost unique intermediate position. The human newborn acquires the faculties that are typically human, such as the upright gait and the elements of speech, only after one to one and a half years. This is in contrast to the group of those nesting animals, which are very much related to man, where the young are almost ready-made, fully prepared “mini-adults” at birth. (….)

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