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Considering a human being as a being in body and spirit is one thing. Starting from the idea that every human being has a spiritual core that incarnates and goes through a unique path of development here ‘on earth’ between the impossibilities of body, attack, talents, culture and environment, is two.

The latter idea has implications for our attitude with which we approach the child (as educator and as fellow human beings), but also how we stand in relation to and deal with the newborn, with childbirth, with pregnancy, with conception. Are children made or received? Are feeding, rearing, raising a child, teaching “filling a bucket” or “lighting a fire. With the latter is meant the bringing to light of the being that is present in every human being with its talents and limitations. Coby de Jong (baby massage teacher and pregnancy yoga teacher) gives training and courses in this field from her practice Sterrenkind (Star Child). Look for her work and ideas and those of kindred spirits such as the foundation BIS (Consciousness and Integration of Spirituality) on the following site: