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In these columns I will try to connect with the actuality. Because who has the embryo in his mind, can meet it in the paper, on TV, in teaching and education very often. More than once I have to raise questions concerning the image as to the embryo that comes to appearance  in these media and publications. The work that I do with my lectures, with my publications and with this website is concerned to  the effort to show to the public over and over again the ‘real’ or ‘true’ embryo. Of course one ought to be modest in this respect, because the ‘true’ or ‘real’ embryo is not only my concern or my privilege. But wherever and whenever I try to make footnotes and give comment when in the media and in the hearts and heads of people an image of the embryo seems to exist which at least could or should be questioned or discussed as too poor.

These columns, I hope, will  be the spots where I now and then, when the actuality so to say forces me to that, can present some thoughts and ideas about the embryo. I’m open for comment and critic. By means of CONTACT the reader will know where to find me. Be welcome.

The title of the columns ‘walnuts- I got from the famous drawing by Leonardo da Vincie (look for it elsewhere at this site) in which he draws a human embryo in a kind of opened womb which in this way just looks a little bit like a opened walnut. Also every time by opening a walnut, there might be that surprising moment that you discover that ‘brain shaped’ fruit in that hard husk. The term also has to do with ‘cracking nuts’ in a figurative sense. The third association I had with walnut was, that I recognized in that the nickname with which I have made myself knowable in the virtual world i.e. ‘walembryo’.