FA ARTICLE My credo as to fascia – 2015 EN

My credo as to fascia – A personal journey through (the) fascia(land) is a document that served as a guide line for several workshop that I gave about The fascia as een organ of Innerness? that were the continuations of the workshop  Some Philosophical Aspects as to Fascia that I gave in the context of the Fourth International Congres on Fascia research in Washington US, september 2015.

First sentences

In this lecture / course I will follow more or less the path of recognition that I traveled through the land of fascia on my own. It will be so to say my way or My fascia: my scientific biography through the landscape of fascia.
I am a relative outsider. I am not a practitioner working with fascia, I started as a medical anatomist. For me fascia was not something like a general system or even organ, fascia was like “muscle” spilt up in anatomical structures and elements (fascia lata, fascia generalis, fascia cruris, etc. etc.)..
So I will start to tell about my work as anatomist, …. In those days I was just a regular medical anatomist and for me the notion “The fascia” as it most of the time is applied by osteopaths was not familiar to me. Of course there was something like “fascia generalis” covering and enveloping structures and organs and I knew about fasciae (plural) enveloping structures or muscles in the locomotor system, but something like the fascia as a functional system in the body was not a notion that is familiar in medical research and medical biology.
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