LW WEBSITE Katherine Ukleja


Katherien Ukleja DO RCST also gives seminars on the embryo with her own view of prenatal existence, We are kind of soul mates. What Katherine has ahead of me is that she is familiar with the human view from which Craniosacral Therapy works, she also teaches much more about specific organ embryology and she is a treatment practitioner. She applies the embryo, so to speak, in the practice of CS. Many years ago she participated in one of my very first courses in London and since then our paths cross regularly.

Listen to Katherine when she puts it in her own words on her site: “I have been teaching craniosacral therapy for more than 20 years. I use my background in visual and performance arts to make my teaching lively and immediate. Props play a major part; anything from balloons, apples to a washing-up bowl can be useful to illustrate a particular function. I also like modeling in clay, especially when teaching embryology. You can literally see the embryonic form morphing from stage to stage guided by biodynamic forces. There is a clear link between early human development and the motility of tissues and fluids in the fully grown body. Embrygenesis is a particular passion and my postgraduate classes frequently have a component of relevant embryology.