AA ARTICLE Human Conception. How to overcome Reproduction? – 2004 EN


Human Conception in new Perspective. Edited from Human Conception. How to overcome Reproduction? in: Energy & character Vol. 33 September 2004. Later edited and published as Human Conception: How to Overcome Reproduction? , In: Michael J. Shea, PhD, 2007, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Vol. 1, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley California, USA: 137 – 154, ISBN 978-1-55643-591-1.


The phenomena of human conception as revealed during the last decades of research are reframed by a phenomenological approach (so-called dynamic morphology). Viewed and considered in this way it is shown that human conception appears not to be an act of reproduction. In the human process of fertilization a process of “de-biologicalization” occurs which leaves room for an act of incarnation in which spiritual energy might be able to bind to or manifest itself by means of physical (biological) substance. The consequences of this view in respect to the definition and quality of artificial conception are discussed briefly.

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