FA ARTICLE Does there exist a connective tissue apparatus? 2009 EN

The Architecture of the Collagenous Connective Tissue in the Musculoskeletal System – An often overlooked Functional Parameter as to Proprioception in the Locomotor System.

Abstract This article is published as supplement on a lecture at the Second International Fascia Research Congress, Amsterdam, Holland, October 27-30, 2009 with the title The Architecture of Connective Tissue as a Functional Substrate for Proprioception in the Locomotor System. It partly consists of a partial rewriting of the doctor thesis performed by the author at the University Maastricht in 1988 with the title The Organization of the Substrate of Proprioception in the Elbow Region of the Rat. The article elucidates the principle that the spatial architecture of the mechanoreceptors in a given region of the locomotor system is functional for the process of proprioception.

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