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- - - The Embryo in Us - Body as Movement - - -

Do you have an idea what we actually do when we are an embryo? 
What do you answer to a child's question Where do I come from?
Does our existence already start as an embryo, at conception? 
Were you also brought up with the myth of that one super sperm that 'fertilizes' an egg?
Do you also think that you once started as a 'fertilized egg' and were built up from cells? 
That we are 'made'? Then by whom? Do our children come from us or through us?

Curious about an answer to these questions? (*)
Here is a different view of our pre-birth existence. An 'embryosophy' that makes it clear that current science with only biological explanations does not have the last word when it comes to the meaning of our (embryonic) existence. Are we perhaps beings of mind and body? Did you know that the embryo is not a matter of the past but is still active in us as 'the embryo in us'? That our body is not a kind of biological machine, but a process, an appearance in time, the body as movement. More than our genes and our brain? And: we are not made!

How is that? Interested in the embryosophy of Jaap van der Wal, MD, anatomist-embryologist?
Learn more? Read this site or take a course (or webinar) by Jaap van der Wal. Read more.

Watch and listen to Jaap? Lessons by the Embryo about Growth. 2017 (English)

"The body developed out of us, not the other way around.
We created our bodies, cell by cell we created it" (Rumi 1207-1273).