Course Zürich CH 10-13 April 2025 DE

Thursday, April 10 through Sunday, April 13, 2025

Four-day course Der Embryo in uns – Der Mensch als Embryo. A phenomenological search for spirit, soul and consciousness in the human body . Within the framework of Randolph Stone’s Polarity view of man,

Open to anyone who, professionally or otherwise, is interested in the question of soul and body (mind and body) in the womb. These include doctors, midwives, prenatal psychologists, craniosacral therapists, Qi Gong and osteopaths. The course is basically open to anyone interested in the issue of mind and body in prenatal and postnatal life.

Organized by the Polarity Bildungssentrum Zurich (PBZ).
Information and registration:  See also the website

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