CPPP USA 30-31 aug. EN 6-7 sep. 2024

Webinar Friday-Saturday August 30-31 AND Saturday-Sunday September 6-7, 2024 January 2024

A four-day course divided into two two-day webinars for the Prenatal and Perinatal Healing Online Learning Center CPPP of Kate White, VA, USA. Title: The Embryo Within Us – The Human Being as Embryo. Understanding ourselves as Embryo and how that relates to our consciousness and psychosomatic being.

Interested people with a background of pre- and perinatal trauma therapy as well as professionals from SE, psychosomatic and/or (complementary) medicine such as cranio and osteopathy, physicians and midwives etc. but also lay people are welcome.

For course information de website of CPPP. For contact: ppncenter@gmail.com

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