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The Embryo in Us. Wroclaw Poland - EN/PL

15 april t/m 18 april 2021
Embryo in Motion - The Embryo in Us. Donderdag 15 tot zondag 18 april 2021.

A five days workshop Embryo in Motion with some accent on Fascia as Organ of Innerness organized by Joanna Czarny in Wroclaw, Poland and the School of  Craniosacral Therapy in Wroclaw, Poland.

Omgezet in on line webinar van 3,5 dag

Europees therapiecentrum

For information: https://www.europejskiecentrumterapii.pl(new frame)

Email: szkola@europejskiecentrumterapii.pl  Phone +48 600 466 887 FB joanna Czarny 

Look at the website www.joannaczarny.pl (new frame)

The Embryo in Us. Wroclaw Poland - EN/PL
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