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FA A Day with Jaap van der Wal by Tom Myers - 2015 EN

In this personal blog Tom Myers (founder and director of The Anatomy Trains Institute) gives a report about his attending the post-conference workshop Embryology of the fascia in the framework of the Fourth International Research Conference in Washington USA by Jaap van der Wal, Washington 17-21 september 2015. The workshop was called Biodynamic embryology of the fascia and meso(derm) – the embryology by Blechschmidt enlarged.

Dr. van der Wal has been on my radar ever since the 2nd FRC in Amsterdam, where Dr. Peter Huijing generously featured his groundbreaking study of the anatomical relationships in the rat elbow in 1988. Hunh? Rat elbow? And way back in 1988, f’r cryin’ out loud? Yup, but the implications of his careful work were so radical that it was given the treatment that many new ideas are given: it was shelved and conveniently forgotten. But it was very much on display there, and I have been trying to grok his vision since. After that conference, I wrote an article on his work for Massage Magazine.
Jaap (who has more degrees and qualifications than nearly anyone you can name – medical doctor, anatomy professor, embryologist, and anthroposophical morphologist – but he is so accessible and sympatico, I hope both he and you will forgive me for using his first name for the remainder of this) spent the day correcting our common misperceptions about anatomy in a critique as damning as it is – once grasped – obvious and common-sensical. In spite of the bland surroundings and end-of-conference fatigue, I was not bored for a minute.
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A Day with Jaap van der Wal by Tom Myers Washington FRC 2015 EN article.pdf
FA A Day with Jaap van der Wal by Tom Myers - 2015 EN
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