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1 december 2017
On YouTube with Lessons from the Embryo about Growth. A must watch!

Like to read the text of the TEDtalk lezen? Hier

30th May 2017
In May 2017 the website has been renewed and extended
The PDF PowerPoint presentation of the course has been renewed. There are new action videos under de tag ABOUT JAAP. And also an extensive interview with  Jaap by Lydia Estany has been published. In English - SPANISH subtitles.

7th March 2016 
A new edition of the book Dynamische Morphologie und Entwicklung der Menschlichen Gestalt.
This book was published in 1998 with the title Arbeitsergebnisse der 1. Internationalen Tagung für Physiotherapeuten in der Medizinischen Sektion am Goetheanum. Besides two chapters by Dr. Med. Michaela Glöckler (former leader of the Medizinische Sektion am Goethenaum) and by Fromuthe und Alexander Eckhart over Spirituelle Schulungsmotive für Physiotherapeuten and a commented Tagungsprogramm, the main part of the book is formed by six chapters Der Mensch als Embryo zwischen Himmeln und Erde by Jaap van der Wal MD PhD. With extensive English summaries.
On the cover it says: "By means of the Goetheanistic phenomenological method the gestures of the human embryonic development may be understood and interpreted as human behavior. In this phase for example the phenomena which accompany human incarnation may still be clearly 'read'. Also, the gestures of the embryo are to be understood as a kind of echo of the the evolution of mankind. This means that the human incarnation and human evolution, biography and biology approach more and more to each other and that it is possible, deepened by the view of Anthroposophy, to come to the spiritual essence of this human phase of being".
Official dates: Glöckler, Michaela | Wal, Jaap van der (Ed.), Dynamische Morphologie und Entwicklung der menschlichen Gestalt - Spirituelle Schulungsmotive für Physiotherapeuten. 4. bearbeitete Auflage 2016, 2016 by Verlag am Goetheanum, CH=4143 Dornach. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Satz: Höpcke. Hamburg. Druck und Bindung: Druckhaus Momos, Sinzheim. ISBN: 978-3-7235-1552-5.

17th February 2016
A new website for Embryo in Motion starting 1. March 2016

I had it already mind for quite a long time. Already in 2013 funds have been raised to come to a complete revision and reorganization of the website. With the inspiration and help of my son Maarten Van der Wal via his office Contactum the layout and the device of the website has been completely renewed and modernized. I intended to have the website ‘in the air’ at about 1st  March 2016. With the new device it is possible (More than was the case in the past) to present and make available all kind of material (articles, PowerPoint presentations, films animations, images) and share them with interested people and with participants to the courses Embryo in Motion. Also it is now possible that on a kind of regular base messages from the project Dynamension will be published.

News about Embryo in Motion
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